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Grant title: Paper Modelling: Investigating laser cutting technology to develop new artists’ books and paper-based creative practice for arts, crafts and design

Awarding body: Arts and Humanities Research Council
Project duration:1.03-28.10.2010 www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/papermods11.htm

Project details:

Tom Sowden at the CFPR has been awarded an AHRC grant to carry out research into the long-term potential of laser cutting technology for artists. Artists often adapt industrial and digital technologies to work with creatively, as evidenced by the use of digital printing, to create artists' books and prints. This project would create new methodologies for artists' creative production methods. As the technology becomes more affordable, laser cutters are a regular feature within secondary, further and higher education. This project aims explore the potential of the laser cutter as a tool for artists working with the book form and paper-based work, and see how it can replace the need for labour intensive manipulation of paper and card by hand. The project also aims to change attitudes to creative making and increase awareness of the advantage of new technologies for artists/craftspeople.

Read the full project details here

2011 Update:

One of the artists in residence during the project - Su Blackwell has been awarded the Center for Book Arts' 2011 Bishop Faculty Fellow based in New York. These fellowships are awarded to individuals who demonstrate a commitment to the artistic endeavours in the book arts. The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities to emerging artists committed to developing careers in the book arts, and to further the growth of this artistic profession. Su Blackwell is an artist and art director, working predominantly within the realm of paper and is known for her paper sculptures and installations based on fairy tales and folklore. In 2010, Su Blackwell Studios collaborated with Nicole Fahri, London, and worked on advertising campaigns for Cartier Paris, amongst others. Su exhibited work created at the Centre for Fine Print Research at The Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth, West Yorkshire, and in her solo Show 'Happily Ever After' at Long and Ryle Gallery in London. She is currently designing her first stage production of 'The Snow Queen' for the Rose Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames.



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