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Sue Gregor

Flower Dome

Laser Cutting Buerau
Collaborators: Sue Gregor and Tom Sowden
Date: 2009 - 2010
artist profile: Vogue April 2011 issue


Sue Gregor is a designer/maker who produces ranges of contemporary jewellery, millinery, wallpaper and lighting. She trained originally as a fine artist then worked in fashion and textiles. She works with a wide range of materials and techniques and each piece is individually conceived and crafted selling them to exclusive galleries, museums and exhibiting nationally and internationally including the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, The Sainsbury Centre, Norwich Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Devon and Oreil Gallery, Wrexham.

After completing her MA at UWE, Sue attended a continuing professional development course in laser cutting at the Centre for Fine Print Research and now uses the laser cutting bureau services regularly and finds the support provided invaluable. Innovation and excellence are central to her practice in order to break new ground.

While using the laser cutting facility at the Centre for Fine Print Research Sue has gained access to the technical knowledge of the helpful centre staff, who are happy to provide expert advice, talk over possibilities and facilitate experiments. Sue has found that commercial companies are resistant to working on small runs of ground-breaking projects if they do co-operate they charge huge setting up fees which put the opportunity for experimentation out of reach.

Sue has recently worked with staff at the Centre for Fine Print Research to develop a range of brooches and necklaces with interlocking pieces and surface engraving. The designs were initially drawn in Adobe Illustrator and then transferred to the laser cutter where a number of different processes were applied to each piece. The benefits of working in this way with the Centre for Fine Print Research included:

The costs of developing the work were reduced

The time needed to develop new work was reduced

New ground-breaking work was made and exhibited

A sound relationship has developed between Sue and the staff in the laser cutting facility and she hopes to continue to be able to work with the Centre for Fine Print Research on her forthcoming projects.