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  The British Channel Seen from the Dorsetshire Cliffs (detail) 1871

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Bristol Childrens Hospital

Enamel Research centre commissions have included two commemorative pieces for the new building of the National Library for Women - The Fawcett Library, London Metropolitan University; three large enamel panels for the central desk at the New Library at Emerson’s Green for South Gloucestershire Council, and for SUSTRANS as part of their national Art and the Travelling Landscape Route 24.

The opportunity to create a series of enamel panels for the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, and subsequent commissions, has lead to the development of a wide range of expertise in the production of enamelled panels for public art. Other collaborations include:

John Purcell Paper:
The enamel research studio has experience of using a patented water based ceramic transfer printing system which substantially reduces solvent use. The U - Wet Transfer paper together with a T.W. Graphics water based screen printing ceramic transfer medium is used in this process. U-Wet is exclusively available from John Purcell Paper, and designed for use with waterbased screenprinting Inks

AJ Wells and Sons, Vitreous Enamellers, Isle of Wight, UK.
The enamel research unit collaborates closely with the Vitreous enamel specialist company AJ Wells and Sons, who also produce signs for the London Underground and the Bristol City mapping project, they also undertake large scale architectural art projects and the enamel research unit have collaborated with them on a number of large scale art projects including the 'World Hug' commission for London Print Studio.

Sponsored industrial residencies:

Company BESKYD s.r.o. – Frýdlant, Ostravicí, Czech Republic
Company AMETHYST MORAVIA s.r.o. - Frýdlant na Ostravicí  Czech Republic

Signaux Girod, Bellefontaine, France - sponsored the Artists' Studio in Morez