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Enamel Research

Research Projects


Grant title: Innovation in Vitreous Enamel Surfaces in Jewellery

Awarding body: Arts and Humanities Research Council
Awarded to: Jessica Turrell
Researcher participants:
Project duration: 2007-2010

Project details:
The focus of Jessica’s research fellowship 'Innovation in Vitreous Enamel Surfaces in Jewellery' is the use of innovative and experimental enamelling techniques in the production of contemporary jewellery. Methods more usually associated with large-scale, panel enamelling and industrial processes are being adapted for use in three-dimensional wearable forms, therefore removing some of the practical and physical constraints that often restrict the potential of the material. The research project includes a survey of contemporary enamel practice and an investigation of three-dimensional structures as a base for enamel using such processes a electroforming, laser welding, three dimensional printing and rapid prototyping.

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The Enamel Experience: The International Badge Exhibition

Project duration: 01.02.2008 - 01.01.2010

Project details:

Elizabeth was commissioned to curate the exhibition and edit the catalogue to highlight the historic context of enamel badge manufacture from the turn of the 20th Century to the present day. The Museum der Arbiet acquired an enamel badge factory, Metallwaren Fabrik Carl Wild, which was in production between 1981 and 1989. The exhibition features badges designed and manufactured by 23 invited artists from Germany, the USA and UK including; Wendy Ramshaw, Professor Bob Ebendorf and Jane Short. The catalogue includes essays by Dr Juergen Boenig, Professor Stephen Hoskins and Margery Simon. 

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Enamel Research Commissions:

Elizabeth Turrell and Paul Blatchford -  A Series of enamel panels marking Stanley Spencer's work as a medical orderly at Beaufort Hospital, Bristol 1915-16  

Portishead Quays Consortium: Fragment and Traces: Enamel Sharks for MENCAP
Members of the North Somerset Mencap Youth Group who meet twice monthly at Portishead Youth Centre, took part in an ambitious collaboration with Elizabeth Turrell, Director of the Enamelling Research Centre (based at University of West of England), and at the forefront of international enamelling practice. The young people created their own drawings and enamels inspired by their explorations of rhythm and movement,  and one of these has been reproduced on a larger-scale as the artwork ‘Henry’s Sharks’.