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  Carloe Waller, Enamel Badge 2003


Carole Waller

enamel Badge Exhibition
Collaborators: ETC group and Elizabeth Turrell
Date: 2003
Carole Waller is a painter whose canvas is yards of cloth. Her painting is concerned with the human body and architectural space. These paintings are frequently in the form of unstretched large cloths hanging in space. They explore the energy of our presence and our absence using a combination of mark, transparency, colour and material. The work is intimately connected to its own context - using its physical involvement with its location as a route to examine our sense of self and of place.

"The badge project was tremendously exciting for me in that it enabled me to work very spontaneously in a new medium which I would never have otherwise explored - and found it extremely sympathetic to the way of drawing I maintain as a continuous form of note taking. The 'notes' however were suddenly transformed through the kiln into a kind of permanence which is very satisfying. I hope to work with the medium again as soon as time permits!"