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Symposium and Exhibition:
3D Print Technologies and their Creative Application in the Arts and Crafts

symposium: 3D print technologies and their creative application within the arts and crafts
Venue: The Blue Room, Tobacco Factory, Raleigh Road, Southville, Bristol BS3 1TF
Dates: 9th December, 2009

The symposium brought together 27 key researchers in 3D print technology to discuss current progress of the 3 year AHRC funded large grant project 'The fabrication of 3-dimensional art and craft artefacts through virtual digital construction and output' The Project finished on the 31st December 2009.

Staff from the Centre for Fine Print research reported on their individual and collaborative research practice in 3D print. Independent artists Conor Wilson, Katie Davies and Nathalie Liege illustrated how collaboration with the CFPR 3D print lab had assisted in the development of their artistic practice.

Presentations from the symposium are accessible via the link below each speaker. Some of the presentations are large files as they contain images. Audio files of each talk are also available as MP3 files - each link will launch in a new window.

Symposium Programme:

11.00 Professor Stephen Hoskins
Welcome, introduction to CFPR research activities in arts technology and industrial collaboration
Download the full presentation (5Mb)
Stephen Hoskins Mp3

11.20 Dr Paul Thirkell
Historical context and philosophical perspective Case study: photo ceramic tiles and new 3D printed image relief artworks
Download the full presentation (3.9Mb)
Paul thirkell Mp3

11.40 David Huson
Materials and process innovation for 3D printing in ceramics
Download the full presentation (4.4Mb)
David Huson Mp3

12.00 Nathalie Liege
Case study: Cast glass relief surfaces made using 3D printed and hand sculpted moulds
Nathalie Liege: Relief models for stained glass windows (2009)
Nathalie Liege Mp3

12.30 Questions and open discussion chaired by Professor Stephen Hoskins
Questions and open discussion Mp3

1.50 Dr Peter Walters and Katie Davies
Research Practice and Case studies: Richard Hamilton’s Medal of Dishonour; Katie Davies 3D SoundPrint
Download the full presentation (2.5Mb)
Peter Walters and Katie Davies Mp3

2.10 Dr Carinna Parraman
3D Printing and colour
Download the full presentation (2.9Mb)
Carinna Parraman Mp3

2.50 Brendan Reid
Approaches to Scalable Methods in 3D and 2D Printing
Download the full presentation (8.2Mb)
Brendan Reid Mp3

3.10 Conor Wilson
Ceramic artworks
Download the full presentation (5.9Mb)
Conor Wilson Mp3

3.30 Questions, open discussion and plenary chaired by Professor Stephen Hoskins
Final Questions Mp3