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  The British Channel Seen from the Dorsetshire Cliffs (detail) 1871

3D and Rapid Prototyping Links

Industry Links

The CFPR has submitted a patent application for 3D printed ceramics as a result of this links have been established with a range of related industries including 3D print manufacturers, the Boston based Z Corp, Roland Digital Group and Bits from Bytes who make the 'RapMan'. In addition, through the CFPR’s links with Hewlett Packard a potential research and development strand has emerged. CFPR has also undertaken some commercially confidential proof of concept work with Aardman Animations.

Links have also been developed with OB-Jet, Ceram Research and EMCO Education

Case Studies

3D skulls
3D Bust
3D skulls
3D Skulls
3D Cup and Saucer
3D Cup & Saucer

Links with Artists

The scope of the Centre’s research findings is also essential to its collaborative print creation and editioning services on offer to artists. Such insights have frequently enabled artists to work with a creative palate that frequently extends upon established limits and expectations. This work is often instrumental in generating new areas of research through the unique problem solving processes required when translating creative ideas into material form.

The 3D Lab have worked with the following artists over the course of their most current research project. To view further information on each artist production please click on the artists name under the images.

Academic links

During the course of their research the 3D rapid protoyping team have forged links with the following institutions and individuals:

The Engineering Department at the University of Seattle, USA
Birkbeck College, London
Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland
Bath Spa University, Bath
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland
Dr Matthew Studley, Bristol Robotics Laboratory
Dr Jonathan Rossiter, Department of Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol
Maja Stanic, University of Zagreb – Faculty of Graphic Arts, Croatia
Boyko Stoimenov, Bio-mimetic Control Research Center, RIKEN, Nagoya, Japan
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery
The British Museum Conservation department.

Dr Peter Walters has collaborated with Professor Roger Atkins, MA, DM, FRCS Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon on a pilot project to investigate the potential for joint research to assess the potential of rapid prototyped ceramic to create accurate bone replacement sections in trauma surgery, where the bone is completely missing. This is an important new collaboration for CFPR taking our research into a new direction where creative arts directly collaborates with other disciplines.

David Huson was approached to assist the Bloodhound SSC team in developing and scanning a hand Impression mould for the Bloodhound SSC steering wheel. Bloodhound SSC is a project to design and build a car to set a new world land speed record, the project is being run and co-ordinated by the team that built the Thrust SSC (SuperSonic Car).

3D and Rapid Prototyping Research

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