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  The British Channel Seen from the Dorsetshire Cliffs (detail) 1871

3D and Rapid Prototyping

Affiliated Staff


Facility Contact: David Huson, Research Fellow
E-mail address: David.Huson@uwe.ac.uk
Tel: 0117 328 4979
Room: 3D Lab

David has worked in the ceramics industry for 25 years. He has held positions of Research and Development Manager for a large earthenware group, Technical Manager for a tableware and hotelware company and Works Manager for a stoneware manufacturer. He also ran his own business for five years producing cookware for the catering industry.

Facility Contact: Dr Peter Walters, Research Fellow
E-mail address: Peter.Walters@uwe.ac.uk
Tel: 0117 328 5851
Room: 3D Lab

Dr Peter Walters has an academic and professional background in industrial design, computer aided design and rapid prototyping technologies. He enjoys regular collaboration with industry as well as with academic researchers and practitioners in the creative arts and design, engineering and robotics. He has recently contributed to projects in the fine and applied arts, animation, and soft robotics. He has presented research papers at international conferences and currently supervises one MPhil student in the faculty, and two PhD students, based at University College Falmouth and the University Bristol.

3D and Rapid Prototyping Research

Affiliated Staff

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