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Katie Davies

Soundform Image - Katie Davies and Peter Walters (2008)

Katie Davies is an art practitioner whose work encompasses video, digital media and sculpture. She has exhibited internationally, at such venues as the Istanbul Biennial; Mains d'Oeuvres contemporary art space,Paris; Badhaus, St Gallen, Switzerland; and in the UK at major arts festivals and events in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Sheffield. She has an educational background in both fine art and three-dimensional design (metalwork and jewellery). Peter Walters is RCUK Fellow in Rapid Prototyping, based at CFPR. Davies and Walters enjoy an ongoing collaborative relationship, through which they exploit new 3D technologies within the context of a Fine Art practice which focuses on processes of technological transformation.

Sound Form is the result of an enquiry into the transformation of sound to three-dimensional form. The work came about through a number of discussions between the artists as to whether it was possible to translate “the invisible” or more specifically invisible information into visible and tangible three-dimensional form.

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