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2012 News at the CFPR

Faience Blue06/2012
Funding awards

Can Egyptian Paste Techniques (Faience) Be Used For 3D Printed, Solid Free-form Fabrication of Ceramics?

The Arts and Humanities Research Council have funded a 3 year research project for David Huson and Professor Stephen Hoskins to develop a process based upon historic Egyptian Faience techniques, which should enable ceramic artists, designers and craftspeople to print 3D objects in a material which they are familiar with and that can be glazed and vitrified in one firing.

Dates 06/2012 | Read more on the Project Page

Artists' books e-publications06/2012
Knowledge Transfer partnerships

Dycem KTP rated 'Outstanding' by Technology Strategy Board

The KTP with Dycem which came to an end early in 2012 and has just been graded outstanding (grade A) by the Technology Strategy Board.  This is an exceptional result, as only a small percentage of completed KTPs nationally achieve the top grade.

Dates 06/2012 | Read more on Dycem KTP


Just Press Print

The exhibition Just Press Print presents a series of digitally mediated artworks that have been initiated as part of a print editioning and publishing practice. 

The emphasis on digital technology within a discipline that is predicated in print seeks to explore the  broadening possibilities for the graphic artifact in the digital age.  The exhibition features a number of early career and established artists as part of CFPR Editions exploration of contemporary print developments - whilst ensuring a diverse range of styles and approaches when realising ideas in print..

Dates 06/2012 | Read more on CFPR Editions

Artists' books e-publications05/2012

The Reproduction of Texture in Artworks at 'All About Imaging'

VenuE: university of westminster
url: www.westminster.ac.uk/research

Dr Carinna Parraman was invited to speak at the All About Imaging Symposium, part of the Broad Vision art/science programme exploring the impact of science and imaging technologies have on our lives. The event was organised the School of Media, Arts and Design of the University of Westminster with the co-operation of the Royal Photographic Society Imaging Science Group. Carinna's paper explored the issues around 'The Reproduction of Texture in Artworks'

Dates 05/2012 | Read more on www.westminster.ac.uk/research

Artists' books e-publications05/2012
CPD courses

Limited number of places  available on our Summer courses - don't miss out!

We have a limited number of places  available on the following CFPR professional development courses running in July – book now to avoid disappointment!
Inkjet and Laser Cutting for Arts and Crafts 2-4 July

Bookbinding for Artists 2-6 July

Advanced Bookbinding for Artists 9-13 July

3D Printing and Interactive Technologies 9-20 July

Letterpress 23-27 July

Pop-up Rubber Stamps 24-26 July


Artists' books e-publications05/2012

Portuguese Publish ‘Un Manifesto para o Livro’ (A Manifesto for the Book)

publication:PLI magazine
url: http://www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/canon.htm - www.esad.pt
download as a PDF: Un Manifesto para o Livro

A Manifesto for the Book was first published as a free online download as part of the findings from a two-year AHRC funded research project on the future of the artist’s book in the digital age. The manifesto, co-authored by Bodman and Sowden was republished by invitation of the Editor in Chief José Bártolo, ESAD, Portugal, in PLI magazine, in English and Portuguese.

PLI is a Portuguese, quarterly magazine devoted to design criticism and practice published by ESAD/Escola Superior de Artes e Design de Matosinhos (the Matosinhos Institute of Art and Design), This particular double issue “Entusiasmo” is about publishing: self-publishing, DIY, big books, artists’ books, publishing as cultural and political production.

Dates 05/2012 | Read more on Sarah's staff page

Artists' books e-publications04/2012

Sarah Bodman at BOOK LIVE!

VenuE: London south bank university
url: www.thebookroom.net

Sarah will be giving a paper New Pages: Celebrating the book as a democratic multiple in a variety of 21st Century forms at London South Bank University. The symposium will be a showcase of how artists are exploring and utilising the tools available to create books for e-readers through epub, hypertext and publish-on-demand (POD), and how small publishers are embracing the potential of smallscale publishing of affordable, inventive paper-based books.

Dates 04/2012 | Read more on the bookroom.net

Viridis viriclay04/2012
Product Launch

Viridis3D and UWE Announces License Agreement for ViriClay
Author/Co Author: David Huson and Stephen Hoskins
Industry partner: Viridis 3d
URL: www.viridis3d.com/news.htm

The University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE) and Viridis3D llc (Viridis) are pleased to announce that they have entered in to a licence agreement granting Viridis the exclusive rights to market ViriClay, a 3D printable ceramic material developed by Professor Stephen Hoskins and Mr Dave Huson of UWE’s Centre for Fine Print Research.

Dates 04/2012 | Read more in the full release

Advanced Manufacturing conference04/2012
Journal article

Vela Pulsar Sound Sculpture featured in 'Wired" magazine
exhibiting artists / makers: katie davies and peter walters
publication: Wired

Katie Davies and Peter Walters' "Vela" Pulsar was featured on the Wired.co.uk magazine in April: "two artists have created a 3D-printed artwork by plotting the radiation beam of a pulsar star. Vela was created by Katie Davies and Peter Walters, who is a research fellow at the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England."

Dates 04/2012 | Read more on the Wired Website

Advanced Manufacturing conference03/2012
journal article

Removing Ink an alternative to recycling paper
author: Allwood and Leal-Ayala
publication: Technology Review
issue: 13 March 2012

Dr Carinna Parraman was quoted in an article ‘Laser Erasers Gently Remove Ink from Paper’,  Technology Review, 13 March 2012 'De-inking is used to improve the quality of cellulosic material in recycled paper, she says. But to remove the ink without recycling the paper offers great benefits, since recycling uses an enormous amount of energy and resources, particularly water.'

Dates 03/2012 | Read more on the Technology Review Website

Artists' books e-publications03/2012

Sarah Bodman's artists' books e-publications project
project partner: Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

Sarah Bodman and Tom Sowden have been working with French artist Nicolas Frespech (http://frespech.com), on converting some of Sarah's artists' books into e-publications, which can be played on Androids and i-Pads. Plans are being made for a project between Book Arts at UWE and staff and students at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, during which they will work using i-Pads and Sony readers to produce artists' books as e-publications.

Dates 03/2012 | Read more on the full release

Advanced Manufacturing conference03/2012

Mixed Signals: Re-presenting Sensory Information
exhibiting artists / makers: katie davies and peter walters
venue: boston cyberarts, atlantic wharf, boston usa
URL: bostoncyberarts.org

Katie Davies and Peter Walters' "Vela" Pulsar is being exhibited at Boston Cyberarts exhibition 'Mixed Signals,an exhibition of art that uses to technology to re-present sensory information'. curated by George Fifield and Heidi Kayser.

Dates 03/2012 | Read more on the full release

Advanced Manufacturing conference02/2012

The Poetics and Physics of Clay
Author/Co Author: Dr Sandy Budden and David Huson
venue:University of Manchester
URL Links:www.arts.manchester.ac.uk/the-poetics-and-physics

Dave Huson (CFPR) and Sandy Budden (University of Southampton) will be presenting their recent findings in 'The Sensorial Dimensions of Clay: A dialogue between the science and practice of making in clay', at the 'Poetics and Physics of Clay' workshop, hosted by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts, University of Manchester.

Dates 02/2012 | Read more on the full release

Advanced Manufacturing conference02/2012

Manufacturing Summit - Bristol & Bath Science Park
venue: bristol and bath science park, BS16 7FR
dates: 23 february 2012
download an agenda: manufacturing summit agenda.pdf

Stephen Hoskins and David Huson will be manning the CFPR stand at the Advanced Manufacturing Summit on the 23 February at the Bristol & Bath Science Park. Run by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), this major event will be attended by key industry leaders and senior government Ministers, including Vince Cable. Subjects for discussion will include the commercialisation of technology, and how to bridge the gap between business and world class research.

Dates 02/2012 | Read more on the BIS website


Robot Sculptor 1957: Watch the British Pathé video
video: george macdonald reid's 'robot sculptor' project
source: british pathÉ video archives

url: http://www.britishpathe.com/video/robot-sculptor

British Pathé have recently released historical footage from 1957 of a “Robot Sculptor” which was invented by a Mr George MacDonald Reid. The film shows how the Robot Sculptor, ably assisted by Mr Reid, could create a bust from photographs of a human subject. It may be observed that this historical example is in some way analogous to today’s 3D scanning and rapid prototyping techniques, which can be used to capture and reproduce 3D objects...

Dates 02/2012 | Read more in the full release

CGIV logo02. 2012

'Colour in Print, Art & Design' at CGIV 2012
event: IS&T Colour conference
venue: amsterdam, the netherlands
dates: 6-9 may 2012
session chair: dr. carinna parraman, cfpr uwe

Dr. Carinna Parraman has been invited to chair a session on 'Colour in Print, Art, and Design' at CGIV 2012. This prestigious event provides a forum for leading colour scientists worldwide to share the latest research and innovations across a broad range of digital and analogue imaging disciplines...

Dates 02/2012 | Read more in the full release.
Paper 500 project08. 2011
research project

Paper 500 Project
co-ordinators: sophie adams-foster & carinna parraman
partners: uwe, renishaw plc, aki, waag fablab
deadline for submissions: 31 may 2012

The objective of the project is to create an ‘artefact/ object/ performance piece’ from a standard A4 ream (500 sheets) of printer paper. All 500 sheets must be used. The aim is to explore the material possibilities, diversity, strength, and tactile qualities of paper. To explore the creative process, working methods, novel uses of technology, and to assist in the communication between makers from different backgrounds.

Dates 02/2012 | Read more on the project page.
Insects au gratin02/2012
exhibition announcement

3D printing 'Insects au Gratin' - now on show at EDIBLE
venue: Science gallery, dublin
dates: 10 feb - 6 april 2012
collaborators: susana soares, peter walters...

CFPR researcher Peter Walters helped to create 'Insects au Gratin', part of the Edible exhibition exploring the future of food at Dublin’s Science Gallery. 'Insects au Gratin' points to insects as a valuable source of protein and considers new ways that insects could be consumed by humans, asking the question “could eating insects be a potential solution to some of the worlds food problems?”

Dates 02/2012 | Read more in the full release

AIC Colour Journal logo02/2012
journal article

'Computational colour, the visual artist and the printed artefact'
author: stephen hoskins
publication: Journal of the International Colour Association
issue: vol 6, january 2012

Stephen Hoskins' paper has been published in the prestigous AIC International Colour Journal. "This paper proposes that there is now available an opportunity for artists and colour scientists to work together to innovate new multi-head printers that could render the ‘tactile surface qualities and opaque ink set’ of the painter."

Dates 02/2012 | Download the full paper at aic-colour-journal.org

AIC Colour Journal logo02/2012
industry prize

The Wallpaper Project wins Roland Creative Award
project lead: carinna parraman
award: people's choice award, roland creative
issue: vol 6, january 2012

The Wallpaper Project has won the People’s Choice award for its innovative print designs for wallpaper and textiles in the first stage of the international Roland Creative Awards. It will be now entered into the regional competition with a prize to Japan on offer to the winning entry, fourteen winners will then compete for a Worldwide Grand Prize of a choice of a Roland machine.

Dates 02/2012 | Read more on the project pages

3D Printing CFPR CPD course01/2012
continuing professional development

New CPD Course: 3D Printing & Interactive Technologies
venue:CFPR, bristol BS3 2JT
date: 9-20 july 2012

This new and exciting two week course is perfect for artists, designers, hobbyists, hackers and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.  You really don’t need any previous experience just the desire to release your inner inventor.   We will provide you with a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to 3D computer aided design and fabrication technologies, interactive electronic hardware and software tools to enable the design and construction of interactive art and design artefacts - what you make depends upon your imagination!

Dates 07/2012 | Read more on the Course Page

AHRC Impact Report 201101/2012

Towards a New Ceramic Future: CFPR Symposium at the V&A
venue:victoria and albert museum, london
date: 17 january 2012
funded by: The arts and humanities research council

Listen to audio recordings and download presentations from the recent CFPR 3D Print symposium 'Towards a New Ceramic Future'.
The event presented results of the AHRC funded project Solid Free-Form Fabrication in Fired Ceramic.

Dates 01/2012 | Read more in the full release

AHRC Impact Report 201101/2012
government report

The Impact of UK Research 2011 - CFPR cited as example of KE
publication: The Impact of ahrc research 2010/11
published by: The arts and humanities research council
links: download the report .pdf

The Arts and Humanities Research Council report 'The Impact of AHRC Research 2010/11' highlights its contribution to world-class research over the past year. The report in turn cites the CFPR and Denby collaboration as an example of excellence in 'Impact through Knowledge Exchange'.

Dates 01/2012 | Read more in the full release

Human Automation in Printmaking Today01/2012
journal article

Paul Laidler's 'Human Automation' in Printmaking Today
publication: printmaking today
issue: winter 2011
url: www.cellopress.co.uk/

The Winter 2011 edition of Printmaking Today includes an article by CFPR Research Fellow Paul Laidler, entitled Human Automation. The article was developed from a practice based section of Paul's PhD that explores the boundaries of print related methods as a means to question the mutability of print practice in the digital age.  You can order a copy of the journal using the URL link above.

Dates 01/2012 | Read more in the full release

Imprint interview01/2012
journal article

Stephen Hoskins interview in Imprint Journal
publication: imprint: journal of the print council of australia
issue: summer 2011 issue
url: http://www.printcouncil.org.au/imprint/imprint-summer-2011-1

The Imprint Summer 2011 issue included an extensive look at the IMPACT 7 conference hosted by Monash University, Melbourne, in September 2011. This included an interview with CFPR Director Stephen Hoskins, by IMPRINT Editor Sue Forster. You can order a copy of the journal using the URL link above.

Dates 01/2012 | Read more in the full release

Lithography 201201/2012

2nd European Lithography Day 2012
event: Litho Printmaking Beyond The Borders, september 2012
venue: Munchner Kunstlerhaus-Stiftung Foundation, Munich, Germany
url: http://www.lithotage.de/english_lithotage/

Prof. Stephen Hoskins has been invited to talk at the 2nd European Lithography Day symposium. The event will include talks from internationally renowned printmaking experts from Europe and the USA. As well as exhibitions, excursions and a print art fair...

Dates 01/2012 | Read more at http://www.lithotage.de/english_lithotage/


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