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Dr Peter Walters on Novel 3D Printing

venue: university of bristol, uk
dates: 25 february 2011
co-ordinated by: uob Institute of Advanced Studies lecture series

Peter Walters has been invited to speak on novel 3D printing at the University of Bristol - Institute of Advanced Studies Workshop Series: Printing smart materials and machines on the 25th February 2011.

This workshop series focuses on technologies for printing smart materials, flexible electronics and electroactive materials. The realisation of fast, efficient and cost-effective printing methods and printable materials will enable a wide variety of previously impractical technologies, including:
· Printable electronic materials
· Printable flexible electronics
· Printing electroactive artificial muscles
· Printing 3d functional structures
· Printing soft robots, machines and medical devices

To address the challenges of such a focus requires a coordinated cross disciplinary approach encompassing research scientists and engineers with expertise including, but not limited to: polymer chemistry, bio-materials, printing techniques, engineering design, modeling, robotics and industrial application-driven design.

It is envisaged that these discussions will lead to stronger collaborative efforts across the University and beyond, thus enabling new expertise and knowledge to be established. It is expected that two or three key opportunities will be highlighted during this workshop series and these will then form the basis for further funding bids, with a special focus on developing a strong interdisciplinary team for local funding applications (EPSRC) as well as larger European FP7 funding applications.


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