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The use of printable UV, thermo and solar receptive pigments for wallpaper and textiles

funding award
funded by: UWE/SouthWest RDA Knowledge Fellowship
industrial partner: rolanddg clevedon
principle investigator: dr carinna parraman
dates: 2010-2011

Dr Carinna Parraman has been awarded funding from UWE and the SouthWest Regional Development Agency to develop a range of printed materials and surfaces that can be developed as textiles or applied to walls that will adapt to the changes in the environment, such as light, emotion and temperature.

The project will combine both craft, design and cutting edge fabrication and printing technologies. New printing technologies can be used to print onto a new range of materials (plastics, metal, wood, uncoated papers) and trialling new inks and methods of printing (UV hardening, metallics, ceramic, 3D, non standard colour).

The long-term vision of this project is to address how we currently design, think and construct the materials in our environment; to operate a human-centred approach to the development of ITC technologies, which allows us to imagine, design and create materials, surfaces, textures in a way that benefits human wellbeing and to design tools and materials to enhance our environment. These materials will demonstrate a physical change in surface characteristics such as a change in colour, change in shape, store energy for later use, or reflect light.

Roland DG (Clevedon) want to work with CFPR for their capabilities, resources and expertise and have provided funding in-kind to this project through state of the art equipment and technical back up. This project will result in outputs examining:
- Print on demand approach to interior design including the design of templates for users to develop own wallpaper projects
- Printable multi-geonomic/textured surfaces that respond to and enhance low light conditions, that adapts to and enhances available lighting
- UV hardening inks that can be printed onto many different surfaces and therefore reduces the costs of pre-fabrication and coatings that are currently in use for inkjet materials
- Use of colour in the built environment


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