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Dinner and a Rose: A new work by Sarah Bodman and Nancy Campbell

Artists' Books project
AHRC funded project: poetry beyond text

Spring 2011 project exhibition tour:
The exhibition launches at Dundee Contemporary Arts, 5th March - 1 April 2011.
Visit the DCA at http://www.dca.org.uk/whats-on for more information.

Sarah Bodman and Nancy Campbell have collaborated on a new artist’s book for the University of Dundee’s AHRC funded project Poetry Beyond Text: Vision, Text and Cognition (http://www.poetrybeyondtext.org/index.html), which has commissioned new work as part of an exploration into how readers respond to visual aspects of poetry.


In their tribute to Patricia Highsmith's Ripley quartet, Sarah Bodman was intrigued by the meals Ripley consumed, which are documented in detail by Highsmith as a sign of his growing sophistication. Ripley's victims stand in the ways of his appetite for the good life, epitomised by chicken in aspic, champagne, lobster, celeri remoulade and sole veronique.'


After hosting a dinner party for invited guests, at which the meals and liqueurs mentioned in the book were served, Nancy Campbell created texts around Highsmith's work and the conversation. Sarah Bodman photographed a documentary of Ripley’s 'mise en place' and dining experiences.


The edition will be included in the project’s exhibition, which launches in January 2011. The remaining 17 editions will be exhibited at the Manchester Artist’s Book Fair (http://www.artistsbooksonline.com/fairs.shtm) and Small Publishers Fair, London (http://www.rgap.co.uk/spf.php) in November 2010. Sarah Bodman and Nancy Campbell will collaborate on a further tribute to the novelist Douglas Coupland. The meal will be based on the fictional novel On Glove Pond, featured in Coupland’s The Gum Thief.


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