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  Paul Laidler  Ray Kinsela Z-Corp Powder Binder 3D print

3D 2D: Object and illusion in Print: Prints from the Centre for Fine Print Research in Bristol

Brendan Reid, Voxillated Fox  Z-Corp Powder Binder 3D print
Paul Laidler  Ray Kinsela Z-Corp Powder Binder 3D print
TITLE/DESCRIPTION OFIMAGEJeremy Gardiner, Anthony Head  'Light Years: Coast' 3D animation HD monitor
Conor Wilson 3 Prints 'Earth', 'Infants with goat' , 'Tree' Pigmented inkjet









This exhibition features the work of a range of artists who have worked with, or worked as researchers at the Centre for Fine Print Research in Bristol. Each of the print works shown has been made through the use of cutting edge print technology - ranging from high end inkjet printers and laser cutters through to 3D printed objects produced using the latest in rapid prototype printing technology.

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A number of the works have been specially made for the show, drawing upon CFPR research expertise to explore the relationship between the second and third dimension in print. Such works include Katie Davies and Peter Walters collaborative piece ‘Pulsar’ that translates audio data from outerspace to create three dimensional shapes and two dimensional images. Jeremy Gardiner and Anthony Head’s piece on the other hand, is based around satellite data looking down to earth, to map through virtual environments in 2D and 3D renderings, a creative exploration of the Dorset coast line.

As well as the new work, the exhibition features a work by Richard Hamilton printed at the CFPR in 2003 – The Typo Topography of Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass – which maps and annotates Duchamp’s work in the form of a large inkjet print.

Other work in the show includes a print by US artist Lesley Dill and laser cut prints by Charlotte Hodes as well as 2D and 3D renderings from Conor Wilson, Paul Laidler, Brendan Reid, Paul Sandammeer and Paul Thirkell.

Edinburgh Printmakers Gallery 2&3,
11 September to 30th of October
Private view 1-3pm 11th September with gallery talks from Curator Paul Thirkell and artist Jeremy Gardiner from 1 to 2 pm


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