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Creative Production and Marketing

Publication Title:
Artists’ Books Creative Production and Marketing (2005)
Editor: Sarah Bodman
Type of publication: Reference book
Research Association: AHRC supported survey project
(ISBN 10): 0-9547025-1-4
(ISBN 13): 978-0-9547025-1-9
Publication date: July 2005
49 pages, black and white interior
Price: Free download from www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/survres.htm or £2 for a bound photocopy version including UK and airmail postage.

An AHRC supported survey project resulted in the publication of this guide for book artists. We asked both established and new artists to tell us about any issues concerning the production and marketing their artists’ books so we could try to address some of the problems. With the increased amount of study, interest in, and production of artists’ books over recent years, we hope the results of this contemporary survey will help to identify opportunities and strategies for new book artists to market their work and establish connections with both private collectors and purchasing institutions.

The guide has been compiled for the book artist - in their role of creative producer, publisher and distributor of their own artwork; to discuss and hopefully resolve some of the practical issues arising from this, and looks at methods used by book artists for producing and distributing their work, and the importance of artist’s book fairs and events for building relationships with purchasers and with other artists.

We also interviewed 24 book artists to present a series of case studies of artists’ experiences in the UK, EIRE, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark and the USA, which can be used as reference guides for newer artists and students wanting to find out more about producing and marketing their artists’ books. There is also a list of collections, book fairs, places to see, buy and sell artists’ books, some reference reading and websites which should help artists to find out more about available opportunities, marketing ideas and supporting networks.




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