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artist's yearbook 06-07

Artist's Book Yearbook 2006-07

Publication Title:
Artist's Book Yearbook 2006-2007
Editor: Sarah Bodman
Art editor: Tom Sowden
Designed by: Sarah Bodman and Tom Sowden
Cover Design: Tom Sowden
(ISBN 10): 0-9543810-9-2
(ISBN 13:) 978-0-9543810-9-7
Publication date: September 2005
180 pages, colour cover, black and white interior
Price: £15 Including UK postage
Price: £16 Including airmail postage

The 2006-2007 ABYB includes essays by:

Betty Jo Irvine and Sylvia Turchyn: Women's Studio Workshop, USA; Clifton Meador: The Nameless Dead; Mike Nicholson: Story Life; Guy Begbie on the 1st International Korean Artist’s Book Fair; Mette Ambeck: Paper Vikings, Virtually - Scandinavian Artists’ books; Ian Tyson: 10 years of ed.it ; John Bently: Selling stuff we’ve made; some thoughts; Sarah Jacobs: Books in the Prinzhorn Collection and some Thoughts Arising ; Tanya Peixoto; bookartbookshop: a year in pictures ; Linda Newington & Catherine Polley: Alive and kicking – The Artists’ Book Collection at Winchester School of Art Library; Paulo Silveira: The disarrayed books of Brazil; Vicky Fullick (Harrington & Squires): A Brief Look at the Foundations of the Private Press and its Contemporary Counterpart; Tracey Bush: Paper Butterfly; Jan Voss: Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam; Kyle Schlesinger: When the Book Blinks Back, Granary at a Glance; Anton Würth: the use of typography; Reinhard Grüner: “ ... a Dim Reflection of Art” Memories of a (West) German Collector; Graeme Walker: Bookville ; Tom Sowden & Sarah Bodman: marketing artists’ books.

Artists pages by: Patrick Lears, Kristen Merola, Danny Flynn, Hector and Glen, Tate Shaw, Sonia Almeida, Lucy May Schofield, Dylan Stone, Kyoko Tachibana, Hannah Lobley and Paul Laidler. Artists’ listings, collections, bookshops, courses, books published and more...




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