Centre for Fine Print Research University of the West of England Centre for Fine Print Research

Committed to Print

Funding Body: Arts & Humanities Research Council
Northern Print Gallery, Stepney Bank, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 2NP
Curated By: Paul Thirkell
Date: Private view Thursday 21st August 2008, 6-8pm. Exhibition from 22 August – 25 October 2008
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URL Links: northernprint

An exhibition of digital prints from the Centre for Fine Print Research UWE is opening at Northern Print’s gallery this month. Curated by Paul Thirkell, the exhibition is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council, and features the work of Richard Hamilton, Susan Collins, Charlotte Hodes, Paul Hodgson, Jo Lansley & Neeta Madahar.

The CFPR has been active in working with a broad range of innovative and cutting edge artists and approaches to fine art print for well over a decade. This exhibition represents some of the work produced by artists from its staff and those it has worked in collaboration with.

The exhibition seeks to address the question - does digital artwork have its own stand alone aesthetic or does it seamlessly engage with others? To frame this in relation to the many activities that fall under the umbrella of digital art, the exhibition seeks, through its title ‘Committed to Print’, to focus on work that has been committed to an end product or fixed output i.e. a print or print related object.

This position is taken in direct contrast to other areas of digital practice where the image remains ephemeral, relying only on the media available to the viewer to mediate the quality of its presentation. The exhibition therefore focuses on how the artist’s virtual interaction with software can be made physical through the choice and mediation of the hardcopy techniques available.

Committed to Print features the work of five artists commissioned by the CFPR especially for the show.

Working in conjunction with researchers from the Centre, the five artists: Susan Collins, Charlotte Hodes, Paul Hodgson and Neeta Madahar and Jo Lansley all produced a series of ambitious prints that, along with the other pieces in the exhibition, reveal some of the exciting new horizons in print currently being explored by contemporary artists.