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Just Press Print

CURATOR: Laidler, Paul
VENUE: Northern Print, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
DATES: 20 June – 11 August 2012

VENUE: Impact 8 Conference, University of Dundee  
DATES: 28 August -  1 September 2013

URL Links: Northern Print

This curated exhibition was funded by a UWE early career research grant and builds upon work undertaken by Laidler into his PhD, ‘Collaborative Digital Wide Format Printing: Methods and Considerations for the Artist and Master Printer’ (2011). This research explores the impact of digital technology on the working process of a practice-led artist within the field of printmaking which has been traditionally centred within the hand and mechanical machine. The research hypothesis what constitutes print practice for visual artists today? The research investigated the mediation of the concept through a digital production process with artists. The 8 artists that were invited to produce a digital print edition formed the case studies that illustrated the process and contributed to the curatorial premise for the exhibition. The invitation process was based upon artist’s work that engaged with digital the digital age as a means to consider the influence of the digital technology upon making and contemporary craft orientated pursuits. The research created a methodological approach for digital print editioning for digital studios and researchers in the field. To achieve this Laidler closely documented the physical working process with each artist.


Reviewed by Ogilvie, S. (Senior Lecturer in imagemaking at Northumbria University) in PRINTERESTING www.printeresting.org/2012/07/20/just-press-print/#more-28923 20th July 2012.