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A research project underway at Tate Britain, London is the production of a database that records the modern print collection by process. The collection includes major collections including the Curwen, ICA and Kelpra studio archives. The database is searchable by keyword relating to process, for example etching, and more specific techniques such as drypoint, aquatint or spit bite. Colours and the type of paper are recorded, and an observations section, which highlights interesting aspects of the print in more detail.

There is also a glossary section that demonstrates how a particular process would look under magnification. Swatches of every technique are recorded by microphotography at 5 and 10 times magnification.

The database can be cross referenced to the Tate collection archive, as it uses the same catalogue reference system. Tate Britian is also digitally recording some 50,000 works in their collection, which will soon be available on the Internet at www.tate.org.uk

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