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  SooMin Leong

MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking

(Above image: by SooMin Leong, MA Print Graduate, 2010. Cut and layered photographs.)

 Staff at the Centre for Fine Print Research lead the MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking; a postgraduate course taught in the School of Art and Design at the Bower Ashton Campus. The MA is run by Senior Research Fellow Sarah Bodman, with Senior Lecturer Ian Chamberlain and Senior Research Fellow Tom Sowden. We also have regular contributions from other CFPR staff and visiting lecturers and alumni.

A mutually beneficial relationship exists between research staff at the CFPR and MA Printmaking students, with current student internships including artists' books, laser cutting and digital print.

Known for its innovative approach to the production of artworks, artists books, artefacts and texts, MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking encourages creative practitioners to develop and explore their ideas through the production of works in multiple formats. The course concentrates on 'making' and the comprehension of a wide range of processes through a combination of contextual knowledge and understanding. It gives you a unique opportunity to develop a range of creative, conceptual, technical and professional skills. Students are taken on from a range of undergraduate degrees including textiles, illustration, graphic design, fine art, ceramics and surface pattern design. The programme is 'modular' allowing the choice, time and flexibility to develop new skills and ambitions. This means that you can adapt your programme of study to best suit your needs.

Each year graduating students take part in the Annual Mini-Print exhibition.

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Course Structure

The programme is made up of five modules. The full masters programme comprises 180 credits divided into three 60 credits stages: Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, and Masters. Students work incrementally through the three stages and must pass all modules at each stage in order to progress to the next.

Introduction to Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking (30 credits)
This module deals with the wider vocabulary of topics, debates, processes and issues around multidisciplinary print. It allows you to become familiar with the resources available to you and begin to negotiate a programme of independent study.

Research Practice (30 credits)
Within this module is a series of choices, each of which has specific sets of concerns related to the practice and theory of art, media and design. These options are:
Research by Practice
Critical Research
Research for Enterprise (in the Creative Industries)

Developing Practice (30 credits)
This module builds upon your skills as a practitioner and seeks to develop concepts and ideas through an understanding of the self. It culminates in an illustrated presentation concerned with your work and its context. In this part of the course you will utilise and build upon skills gained in your first two modules. You will use these techniques and knowledge to develop and realise a practical print or book arts project. The parallel development of technical skills and an understanding of the field of printmaking or artists' books is crucial.

Practice in a Professional Context (30 credits)
The emphasis of this module is to explore possibilities outside of the institution and participate in a placement, collaboration, or work experience situation to gain knowledge and understanding of the professional arena. You will have the opportunity to negotiate your own programme of study, which explores and evaluates printmaking or artists' books within a professional context.
The module allows you to explore your practice within or alongside a professional placement/project, which complements your particular abilities and interests. In the majority of cases, this project will take place in collaboration with an external organisation (for example a gallery or museum etc.) but aspects of the project may be conducted within the school.

Extended Practice (60 credits)
Building on the experience gained from the previous modules, you undertake to produce a self-directed body of work that shows mastery of your subject and contextualises your particular approach to multi-disciplinary printmaking.

We accept applications at any time and students may join the programme as either full-time or part-time students. Full-time students typically study for three semesters over 18 months, part-time students study for six semesters over three years. A semester is a 15-week period of study and generally runs October to January and February to June.  For further details on entry requirements and the application process http://courses.uwe.ac.uk/WW1212

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