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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses

"The CFPR's new portfolio of professional development courses is designed to deliver cutting-edge professional development with a practical focus."

Letterpress book on the course!
The Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) offers a series of dynamic continuing professional development (CPD) courses aimed at, amongst others, artists, designers, craftspeople, communicators, teachers and managers. They offer the opportunity for professional updating, for learning new skills and techniques, and for intellectual stimulus.

We can also tailor a specific course to your company or individual professional needs (normally at least five people as a minimum make a cost effective group). Tailored courses include subjects not usually offered such as; colour management, 3D rapid prototyping and identification of print processes for museums and conservators.

Each CPD course aims to either introduce, develop or refresh specialist skills, enabling the practitioner to continue their professional and personal development within a supportive and creative educational community. Highly focused training is delivered in purpose built studios and is led by experienced professionals.

One of the long-term aims of the Centre for Fine Print Research is to improve the interface between the designer and industry. By using contemporary technology, designers can produce bespoke designs that can be directly translated into industrial production methods without lengthy, and therefore costly, re-engineering.

If you would like to go onto the list to hear about these courses email: Jesse.Heckstall-Smith@uwe.ac.uk