Date that this item was entered on to the web-site: 7th September 2006.

Narrative Threads brochure


In the summer of 2006 the 'Narrative Threads' DVD box-set of interviews with British textile artists was published. The twelve DVDs contain over 16 hours of interviews with the following artists:
Caroline Broadhead, Polly Binns, Margaret Hall-Townley, Rozanne Hawksley, Alison Liley, Christin Risley, Eirian Short and Audrey Walker.

To purchase this limited edition set (only 200 have been produced) or to receive further details please e-mail The set costs £160 + VAT (£188 incl. VAT).

The DVD box-set publication was funded by Goldsmith's College and the Bristol School of Art, MNedia & Design at the University of the Wes tof England. Five of the eight interviews were funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB).

For further details of the interviews go to the textiles page.

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