Name Valerie MACKIN
Date of Birth 06/08/1948
Address 9 Little Ham, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 5HH
Contact Tel: 0781 807 2929

Lobster plate and dish, earthenware
''I was very drawn to everything, but I very much liked the creamware...and I looked at a small little jelly mould, which had a lobster in the bottom. It reminded me of when I came to England....sound like a bit of an old bugger!....we came on a Dutch ocean liner called the Wilhelm Reiss. My parents nicked an ashtray of a similar reminded me of that. Later, when I was doing some drawing and I looked up, and I've got this box with a Morris dancer on the morris dancer. And I thought that looks very much like the lobster in the bottom of the dish that I was drawing. So I've jumped from lobsters to morris dancers.'