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Name Nick HOMOKY
Date of Birth  
Address Faculty of Art, Media & Design, University of the West of England, Bristol.
Contact Tel: 0117 9660222

Handle with care two, earthenware

Slippage, saltglasze, by Nick Homoky and Helen Cornish-Smith
Slippage, made with Helen Cornish-Smith, is a saltglaze bowl containing labels debating the patent of black slip:

'It's a fun, serious, thoughtful piece where we're commenting on the original bowl that Helen found that had these curious labels stuck inside which were raising all sorts of issues and questions, and so the piece is a kind of contextual interpretation in our own terms, because Helen's a paper-clay expert, and I'm a thrower and so I think that these two elements coming together was a perfect vehicle for us. And I think that one thing that made it exciting and easy to collaborate... was that there seemed to be a clear division of what we can both contribute. I'd never worked so close to a fine art approach as Helen's suggestion, which really appealed to me because I'm much more intuitive and interpret objects more directly. This was engaging with much more language and much more theory than I was used to. 'It was actually quite difficult to decide what shape of bowl we should have. Whether to actually copy the original form, but reproduce it in a very white, conceptual, bland kind of abstract way, or whether to go for an everyman bowl - an absolute theoretical sort of bowl, which is a hemisphere, semi-circle, a continuous curve. The latter ' was one Helen was quite keen on. It's also a form that I've used over time myself, and is a favourite form for me.'