Name Rosalind NEVILLE
Date of Birth 29/12/1953
Address 41 Tor View Avenue, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8AF
Contact Tel: 01458 835309

Tall Sheep Pot
"My inspiration piece is the 'Posset Pot' made in Fremington, Devon, representing the joyful commitment of a group to a common cause such as the fertility of the land at Wassail. It seemed obvious to me to use the commemerative aspect of the pots to record the Foot and Mouth outbreak. Topical now, this will soon be history. I feel animal welfare is a common concern so my pieces are dedicated to our trusting fellow mammals who have been killed wholesale before their time and the beleaguered farmers, vets, slaughtermen and digger drivers involved in the macabre processes of destruction."

Only when there are no more animals left, will we realise that we cannot eat money' (native American prophecy)