FET Studentships 2022


An exciting opportunity to apply for eight fully funded PhD positions in the Faculty of Environment and Technology, UWE Bristol.

The expected start date of these studentships is 1 January 2023.

The closing date for applications is 19 September 2022.

The Faculty of the Environment and Technology (FET) at the University of the West of England, Bristol has a strong and continually evolving research environment. We submitted a significant proportion of our staff to the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF 2021) and over 80% of our submitted research was judged to be internationally excellent or of world leading quality.  The current studentships will be available across the FET research centres and departments and will be targeted at four main 2030 research priority areas namely:

  1. Digital Futures
  2. Health and Wellbeing
  3. Creative and Digital Technologies
  4. Sustainability and Climate Change Resilience

Please note: out of the sixteen projects being advertised for, the faculty will fund eight. The projects for funding will be selected based on the merit of applicants following the process outlined below.

Candidates for this project will be interviewed by a panel including the Associate Head for Research and Scholarship, members of the supervisory team and a senior researcher from the faculty. Following this interview process the successful candidates will be offered a studentship and other candidates will be notified within two weeks of the interview.

Candidates who meet the criteria to study at UWE Bristol but are not offered one of the eight studentships will have the opportunity to be offered a self-funded place at UWE.

Research with Impact

UWE Bristol has set out its institutional strategy for 2030 and one important goal is research with impact: impact on knowledge creation and advancement, impact on our teaching and learning and impact beyond academia. 

Our research is organised primarily through a UWE Bristol Research Centres and Groups with our current research and knowledge exchange landscape outlined online.

Studentship details

The list of available studentships are:

2223-JAN-FET01 - The affordances of audio interaction in designing accessible navigation and narratives in virtual environments

2223-JAN-FET02 - Designing Subversive Musical Instruments

2223-JAN-FET03 -Distributed Digital Twins in Smart Manufacturing for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection

2223-JAN-FET04 - IoT Intrusion Detection Using Group Outlier Detection Methods and Advanced AI Approaches

2223-JAN-FET05 - Gender based inequality in the city – the role and potential of urban planning

2223-JAN-FET06 - Smart City Governance – Planning Net-Zero Communities

2223-JAN-FET07 - Improving project cost estimates using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

2223-JAN-FET08 - Designing the ecosystem of the post-digital workplace for creative collaborative work

2223-JAN-FET09 - Improving the planning process for Nationally Significant Infrastructure projects

2223-JAN-FET10 - Resilient and environmentally-sustainable conservation strategies for conflict-damaged heritage

2223-JAN-FET11 - Decarbonising diets: an investigation of UK net zero plant-based policy gaps

2223-JAN-FET12 - What is happening to ageing wind turbines in the UK and Ireland?

2223-JAN-FET13 - Additive Manufacturing (3D-Printing) of Elastomeric Latticed Structured Footwear for Patients with Diabetic Foot Disease

2223-JAN-FET14 - Investigation of methodologies for high sensitivity, rapid measurement of monocytes using paramagnetic particle-based detection for diagnosis of cardiovascular disease

2223-JAN-FET15 - Additive manufacturing (3D printing) with geopolymer based net zero binder concrete for digital construction of sustainable future civil infrastructure

2223-JAN-FET16 - Robotics in UK Healthcare Establishments: An Intervention Approach


The studentship is available from 01 January 2023 for a period of three and half years, subject to satisfactory progress and includes a tax-exempt stipend, which is currently £16,062 per annum.

In addition, full-time tuition fees will be covered for up to three years


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