Sustainable urban environments

We are interested in what sustainable urban environments are and how they can be achieved.

Successful places

Our research provides evidence on the relationship between the physical environment and a number of sustainable outcomes. We are developing understanding of what makes places (homes, streets, neighbourhoods, public spaces, cities and city-regions) successful environmentally, socially and economically.

We frequently investigate different stakeholders' perspectives of urban environments, and our research deals with the acceptability, practicality and feasibility of different urban forms and designs.

Research topics

Research topics under the theme of sustainable urban environments include:

  • Designing places to support sustainable lifestyles and behaviours
  • Sustainable neighbourhood design
  • Adapting urban and suburban areas for climate change
  • Green infrastructure and the role of green space in climate change
  • Sustainable urban form - compact cities, urban densities and intensification, and brownfield development
  • Users’ experiences of urban environments, including children and older people
  • Inclusive design
  • Design policy (eg historic and urban environments and tall buildings)
  • Sustainable development discourses and narratives


Current and completed projects relating to this theme include:

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Dr Danielle Sinnett.