Governance of place

Governance of place

This theme focuses on enhancing international understanding of governance, urban policy, city management and spatial planning.

Changing concepts of space

Framed by an interest in changing concepts of space, territory, and governance in the built environment, researchers contribute to contemporary debates and challenges relating to the planning and leadership of communities.

By examining experiences with different approaches to the governance of place in different countries and localities, researchers contribute fresh ideas and insights. Scholars employ a range of research frameworks and actively engage with users' key interests and stakeholders to produce meaningful, timely and useful research, analysis and advice.

Research topics

Current research within this theme spans a range of topics including:

  • Place-based leadership
  • European policy for sustainable cities
  • Multi-level governance and relational approaches to the politics of space and scale
  • Urban regeneration and community involvement
  • Creation, interaction and framing of spatial policies, institutions and structures
  • Integrated urban management and the use of ICT in urban planning and governance
  • Engagement, collaboration and participation in urban management and spatial planning


Current and completed projects relating to this theme include:

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