Andreia Jorge

Andreia Jorge, PhD student in the Science Communication Unit at UWE Bristol, talks about his PhD.

I hold a degree in Biology and a MSc in Plant Biotechnology and Biodiversity – with a specialisation in Biodiversity. After graduation, I worked for four years in a research unit (Centre for Functional Ecology of the University of Coimbra, Portugal) as a research technician; then I moved to the Botanic Garden of the University of Coimbra, where I worked for three years. The time I spent in this last institution helped shape my interest in science communication. I am a plant lover.

Research, practice and projects

My professional goal is to contribute to our understanding of plant diversity communication in order to diminish plant blindness and help nature conservation. My PhD aim is to understand how plant diversity communication is performed, both from the institutions’ perspective and communicators’ angle. Botanic gardens are key organisations in this space; therefore, I will be exploring these institutions’ roles as plant diversity communicators. Plant-focused non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are also involved in plant diversity communication, so I will also explore their role and approach, as well as connections between NGOs and botanic gardens. One important branch in plant diversity communication is how the messages are framed to the public, thus part of my PhD will analyse plant diversity messages and design a practical experiment with the public to assess best practices.

Further information