Research in the Department of Allied Health Professions

The Department of Allied Health Professions is active in many areas of research, including Diagnostic Imaging, Radiotherapy and Oncology, Occupational Therapy, Paramedic Science, Music Therapy, Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation.

The Department also co-hosts the Centre for Health and Clinical Research, which brings together world class researchers working in the fields of long-term conditions and critical care, children and young people, ethics, public health and wellbeing, and evaluation and practice development.

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Research projects

The Department has established research projects attracting funding from various bodies both in the UK and abroad.

Bristol Robotics Laboratory - Assisted Living

Researchers and clinicians in the Department of Allied Health Professions are working with Bristol Robotics Laboratory to understand the needs of service users to develop technology to improve lives.

Find out more about the Assisted Living project.

The Right Trousers

Dr Ailie Turton is involved in the development of wearable soft robotics that help people to live independently.

This cross-university project is led by The University of Bristol, with UWE Bristol, The University of Nottingham and others. The new technology will help people to walk, get up from a chair, and climb stairs.

Read more about the project and watch the video to see Soft Robotics at the Gadget Show Live.