Current projects

List of current projects for Big Data, Enterprise and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Big-DEAL).

Read about the current projects carried out by Big-DEAL.

Integrating conversational AI and augmented reality with BIM

This research will enable workers to verbally communicate with BIM systems and to quickly get the information they need.

AI System for Predicting Embodied Carbon (ASPEC) in infrastructure projects

Research to develop an AI system for Embodied Carbon Analytics and prediction of infrastructure projects


A digital platform which will employ advanced visualisation for Intuitive user interaction and reporting health and safety issues.

I-VSS (Intelligent – Video Site Services)

A research project with an innovative approach to develop datasets to enhance camera-based monitoring systems.

Real-time Emission Visualisation for eco-friendly travel behaviours (REVIS)

REVIS aims to provide a step-change in decision-making and behavioural change for emissions reduction.

Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy Living Labs

Research to tackle the systemic issues that still obstruct the use, integration and adoption of innovations.


Big-DEAL brings together experts to develop digital solutions to solve real-world problems.

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