Coronavirus guidance for parents and supporters

We have moved to online teaching for the rest of the academic year. Online provision has been put in place for students to engage with their studies remotely.

Following on from the Government’s announcement on Monday 23 March, all UWE Bristol campus buildings are now closed.

What areas of the University will be open for my student?

Teaching, support and administration is now available to your student using online methods.

All buildings are now on swipe access only, and only staff who have been identified as needed to support core critical functions will be allowed on-site. Students will not be able to access any buildings.

My student lives in UWE Bristol accommodation, how does this affect them?

If your student is still living on campus, we are taking all the steps we can to protect their health and safety. Food and drink will be available from the Atrium Café on a takeaway basis. This will be the only catering available.

They must follow the government's measures on staying home and away from others. Please tell them to stay inside and not to gather in groups of more than two, unless they live together.

All buildings are now on swipe access only, and only staff who have been identified as needed to support core critical functions will be allowed on-site. Students will not be able to access any buildings, apart from the Atrium Cafe.

If they live in UWE Bristol accommodation they must let us know if they have vacated their room. We will then be able to release them from their accommodation contract for the final term.

My student lives in UNITE accommodation, how does this affect them?

If they live in UNITE accommodation and are planning to move out or have moved out, please read UNITE’s statement about surrendering your tenancy and what steps your student needs to take to make this happen.


How can my student engage with their studies remotely?

Programme-specific information will be communicated to your student via Blackboard and their academic tutor, so please encourage them to check this, their UWE Bristol email and the Coronavirus guidance pages to stay up to date.

The guidance pages are being kept updated with frequently asked questions and is the best source of general information over the next weeks.

My student has assessments, how will they complete them?

The assessment period is now over. New academic regulations have been put in place to ensure that your student can progress and/or complete their award. Please refer to the new Alternative Academic Regulations for more information on our ‘no detriment’ approach.

We have applied personal circumstances to all students, covering all assessment due to have been submitted between 18 March (when we moved to online teaching) and the end of the 19/20 academic year. No evidence will be required.

For more information on study and assessments please visit the student FAQ page.

My student is not from the UK and can’t complete assessments online, what should they do?

If they have a Tier 4 visa and are returning to their home country, or moving off campus, they need to let the University know by completing the Tier 4 absence form available online.

If they need to sit an exam overseas, there won't be any charge for them to complete it at an assessment centre.

For more information specific to international students please visit the students FAQ page.

My student is working or studying abroad

The FCO COVID-19 Exceptional Travel Advisory notice has been updated, and the UK Government is now advising all UK nationals travelling abroad to come home while commercial flights are still available.

If your student has not yet returned home please contact the 24/7 Global Response team on +44(0)2920662425 immediately to make the necessary arrangements for them to return to the UK.

If it is no longer currently possible for your student to return to the UK, please continue to seek the advice of the 24/7 Global Response team on +44(0)2920662425 to agree appropriate arrangements while they remain in their host country.

We appreciate that some students have already indicated their intention to remain overseas but given the above advice we wanted to update you so they can make an informed decision.

If your student has already returned to the UK please get them to email us ASAP to confirm.

Should your student need urgent funds, or wish to apply for reimbursement of funds, please get them to contact the Student Money Service on  

What is the University doing to keep my student safe and well?

We have been providing advice and guidance to students since the end of January and have put support in place for students affected by this pandemic.

The situation is incredibly fluid, so we must all accept that there may be disruption over the coming weeks. Rest assured that we will make decisions to keep our students healthy and well, and mitigate any impact this might have on their studies.

What can I do?

We are at a difficult moment in our world’s history of public health challenges and you may have many questions and worries.

As a university we are continually monitoring the situation and making decisions in the best interests of our student community. Please help us by encouraging your student to check their UWE email and Blackboard so they are aware of any developments or updates.