Awards and results

When your results have been published, you will be able to view the module credits you have achieved and your award eligibility to date in MYUWE.

Go to MYUWE Your marks

The publication date for results varies, depending on the date of your Award Board. If your results are scheduled for an upcoming examining board, you should be able to see the expected publication date on MYUWE.

Once your results are available, you can see results for this meeting by selecting it from the drop-down list.

Application for review and appeals

Once your final results are published, you can start a formal application for review (or academic appeal). We can't start an application for review until the Award Board has taken place and final results are published.

Explanatory text and links

 After each set of results, explanatory text and links are provided. This information is here to help you if something doesn’t look right. For example, if you believe an error has occurred in the calculation and publication of your results or if you have not passed all your assessments.  


Once your final results are published, you can start a formal appeal in line with UWE Bristol's academic appeals procedure. You cannot start an appeal until the examining board has taken place and final results are published.

Award eligibility to date

This is the highest award you are currently eligible for. You may be eligible for a higher unnamed University award. You may only claim this award if you end your registration for your current award.

You must tell your Student and Programme Support team in writing if you want to withdraw from your current award and claim the award you are currently eligible for.


Marks shown in MYUWE are rounded to the nearest whole number. The student record system uses unrounded marks to calculate your overall average. There may be a small difference between the student record system, MYUWE and your calculations.

Re-enrolment or re-registration

You cannot receive an award if you have outstanding obligations to UWE Bristol or are under investigation for disciplinary reasons. We can refuse re-enrolment or registration to anyone who has outstanding obligations to the University.

Referral or failure

If you have been referred in or failed a module, this may affect whether you can continue on your award route. You may want to transfer to a different award, which may have financial consequences.

If you transfer to a different award, this must be approved before teaching starts in the next academic year for your original award route. If you want to transfer to a different award route, talk to a Student Support Adviser.

If you want to claim an intermediate or alternative award, talk to your Student and Programme Support team.

If you have failed a pre-requisite module in which you were already referred, this normally means that you will not be able to complete the award within the original time period. This may have financial consequences.

You can find more information on our Resits and retake information web page.

Resit timetables

The resit exam timetable is published after the examining boards in July. There is a delay between the publication of results and the scheduling of the resit examinations.

All examinations during assessment weeks are scheduled and managed by the timetabling team. Examinations managed by the School of Health and Social Wellbeing are scheduled and published separately.

If you have been referred in component A for a particular module it will usually mean that you have to sit a referred examination. If you are in any doubt and you need to check whether or not this is the case for your module, check the details for assessment for on the module specification in the Module information search.

Referred coursework

Schools will provide you with details of referred coursework. This is usually in Blackboard. If you haven’t received details of your referred coursework within 14 days of the publication of your results, contact your Student and Programme Support team.

Nursing and Midwifery, Allied Health Professions, Health and Applied Social Sciences

HSC StudentNet: Navigate through Assessments in the left side bar to the Referrals and Retakes page where you will find advice on what to do.

Copies of your results

You can download and print your marks from MYUWE Awards and results.

If you need a paper copy of your marks, contact your Student and Programme Support team.

Help with Your marks

See our Assessments web page for more information on assessments at UWE Bristol.

If you have a question about your marks in MYUWE (for example if you think your marks or modules are wrong), contact your Student and Programme Support team.

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