Digital Capability Scheme

The Digital Capability Scheme (DCS) provides grants to help students who have no access to IT equipment.

About the DCS

The September 2021 Digital Capability Scheme will provide a contribution of £300 towards the costs of IT equipment for eligible students.

Students do not need to apply as the awards will be made automatically by the University via the Bursary Administration System.

The DCS will be paid in addition to other funding a student may be entitled to receive – for example a student may receive a DCS award and a bursary.


  • The scheme will be available to new UK/Home students starting UWE Bristol for the first time in September 2021*. 
  • Students will need an approved application for maintenance support with the Student Loans Company (SLC) and to have provided the SLC with the necessary evidence for the maintenance loan means assessment.
  • Students will have a household income of up to £25,000 based on the SLCs means assessment completed as part of the application for maintenance support. 
  • We will be allocating funds throughout the academic year, so you can still receive the funds later in the academic year if you are yet to have your household income confirmed.

*the scheme will run again for the January intake using the same criteria.


  • Payments will start to be made by early November.
  • Students will receive confirmation of their allocation directly via the Bursary Administration System.

Students not eligible for the scheme

Students who are not eligible for this scheme may be eligible for the Student Support Fund. Applications for the UWE Bristol Student Support Fund will be open from Monday 27 September 2021.

Santander Tech Grant

The scheme offers successful applicants a £300 grant towards a laptop or other IT equipment necessary for their course. Applications are open from Monday 4 October to Monday 25 October 2021.

The Santander Tech Grant is open to all students who are not eligible for the 2021 Digital Capability Scheme. You will also not be eligible if you have received funding from an earlier Digital Capability Scheme.

Find out more about the Santander Tech Grant