Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for the Virtual Ceremonies taking place in February.

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You must register for your Virtual Ceremony before 16:00 on Friday 8 January 2021 to guarantee your place. 

If you fail to register before the registration deadline we cannot guarantee that you will be able to attend your ceremony. 

At the time of registering you will only be provided with provisional dates, not a specific ceremony time. This is because we need you to register to know how many graduates we can accommodate at each ceremony. Once registration closes you will be contacted with an exact date and time. Please note, the majority of the ceremonies will be during the day between 10:00 and 17:30.


Graduates who were eligible for any of the UWE Bristol 2020 Awards Ceremonies and who receive their results before the end of January 2021 can attend a Virtual Ceremony.

Eligible name

Your name will be read out during the Virtual Ceremony. If you want to make amendments to your name, and therefore what is read out, this must be done officially through Info Point before the registration deadline. Please inform the Awards Ceremonies team when you have completed the process.

Tuition fee debt

If you have an outstanding tuition fee debt that is not cleared before the registration deadline, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to include you in the ceremony.

Academic dress and robing

You are not required to wear academic dress to attend a Virtual Ceremony. If you would like to enquire about the hiring of full academic dress please email graduation@uwe.ac.uk.

Mortar boards either made or purchased online are acceptable, and encouraged.

Virtual Ceremony links and platform

All registered graduates will be contacted with a link to their specific ceremony. This link should only be used by the graduate. Only registered graduates will be sorted into the Virtual Ceremony breakout room. 

Guests should be sent the YouTube link to watch the live stream.

Emails from us

Eligible and provisionally eligible graduates will be sent the Virtual Ceremony communications, including the invite, via email. This will be sent to your UWE Bristol email account and your personal email address. 

We will resend the invite to the UWE Bristol and personal email addresses of graduates that do not confirm if they will or will not attend, but if a graduate has not received any of the communications it is the responsibility of the graduate to follow this up with the Awards Ceremonies Team by contacting us at graduation@uwe.ac.uk

Once the registration deadline has passed, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to register graduates who claim they have not received the invite email. UWE Bristol is not responsible if invitations are not received by graduates because their contact details are not kept up to date. 

After the registration deadline we will send an email to registered graduates who have not completed their awards to confirm that they will not be able to attend a Virtual Ceremony. 

We will also send eligible graduates a feedback survey following the Virtual Ceremonies. It is possible to unsubscribe from these emails by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of the emails.

Live streaming and images

The Virtual Ceremonies will be live streamed on the UWE Bristol YouTube channel. By attending the event, you are acknowledging and accepting that your image will be broadcast and recorded on the internet. If you don’t wish to be on screen during the ceremony you can turn off your webcam.

Please note that UWE Bristol holds the right to capture images and recordings of the experience. Recordings of the ceremonies will be made available to view on YouTube after the events and will remain available for up to three years. Both footage and photographs may be used by the University for social media posts, media publications, advertising and future graduation publications. If you do not want to be included in footage and photographs for this purpose, please email graduation@uwe.ac.uk before your ceremony.

The footage can also be used by First Sight Media, the company hosting the Virtual Ceremonies, for their promotional purposes. If you do not want to be included in footage for this purpose, please email graduation@uwe.ac.uk before your ceremony.

The Virtual Ceremony films will be stored by First Sight Media for three years after the ceremony takes place.

Recordings of the ceremonies will be sent to prize sponsors whose prizes are announced at the ceremonies.


It is the responsibility of the graduate to inform the Awards Ceremonies team of any special requirements for both guests and graduates when they register to attend the experience by emailing graduation@uwe.ac.uk.

Graduates must inform the Awards Ceremonies team of any special requirements before the registration deadline. Graduates must include as much information as possible in their request to ensure that it can be accommodated appropriately. Requests made after the deadline cannot be guaranteed. 

Accessibility requirements at the Virtual Ceremonies will be accommodated to the best of our abilities on the platform used for the event.

Code of conduct

All attendees are expected to act in accordance with the Student Conduct Policy (PDF), which is to say:

  • safely, and with regard to the safety of others
  • with civility, consideration and respect for others
  • in accordance with university policies, rules and regulations, and all applicable laws.

No harassment of any kind will be tolerated. When your microphone is on please refrain from using offensive language or making unnecessary noise. Please do not smoke or drink alcohol during the ceremony and please dress appropriately. Only attendees who have been invited to and registered for the event should be on screen at any time during the event.

UWE Bristol reserves the right to ask any person to leave the event if they are acting in a manner, which in the opinion of the University may cause a breach of the peace or cause harm to others.

Data protection

Data relating to eligible and provisionally eligible graduates required to administer the Virtual Ceremonies will be stored and processed by the awards ceremonies team, in accordance with UWE Bristol policies and the Student Privacy Notice, and deleted after two years. This information is stored in order to streamline the administration processes relating to graduation and improve student experience for graduating students. For these reasons this processing occurs under the legal basis of legitimate interest.

All graduates who register for a Virtual Ceremony will have their names, course information and degree classification sent to First Sight Media, the company hosting the Virtual Ceremonies.

The Virtual Ceremonies will use Zoom as a video conferencing platform, to allow you and your classmates to be sorted into breakout rooms for the ceremony. Your email address will be provided to First Sight Media, the company producing the ceremonies, to facilitate sorting you into the correct Zoom breakout room. All data provided to First Sight Media and Zoom for this purpose will be deleted as soon as the event is finished.

A Qualtrics form will be used to gather registration information and feedback after the event. This information will be deleted from Qualtrics when it is no longer needed for administrating the Virtual Ceremonies.

The Events Team will not discuss your student record or any details relating to your graduation with a third party, including parents. If you would like us to discuss your details with a third party you will need to complete a consent form (InfoHub login required).

Force majeure

If the Virtual Ceremony cannot take place or is delayed or the ceremony time needs to change due to circumstances beyond the control of UWE Bristol, including (without limitation) fire, explosion, terrorist act (or threat of terrorist act), act of God, pandemic, national mourning (any member of the royal family), graduate registration exceeds our capacities or as a result of any industrial action or dispute involving UWE Bristol, or the company hosting the online event, UWE Bristol will not be liable for any losses direct or otherwise incurred by the graduates.

Please bear with us if there are any technical difficulties with the stream – professionals will be on hand if there are any problems but, as with anything technical, we could experience unforeseen issues.