Virtual Ceremonies

Your Virtual Ceremony

We know it's been a tough end to your degree here at UWE Bristol, so we wanted to give you, the Class of 2020, an opportunity to celebrate your success together with your cohort.

We held our first Virtual Ceremonies in October 2020 and it was fantastic to see so many people enjoying their moment on screen as their name was read out – we loved seeing all the home-made hats, pets and balloons.

We’ll be holding another set of Virtual Ceremonies in February 2021 for everyone who would have been eligible for the November in-person Awards Ceremonies and who completes their degree by the end on January 2021, plus anyone who was invited to the October Virtual Ceremonies but wasn’t able to attend.

Virtual Ceremonies will be in addition to any future in-person celebrations that take place, so registering for a Virtual Ceremony will not stop you being able to register for future in-person ceremonies if and when these take place.


Virtual Ceremonies will take place on Saturday 27 February 2021 and Sunday 28 February 2021. 

Please note: these dates are provisional and we are unable to provide exact times until registration has closed and we have a better idea of the number of people attending. We may have to add ceremonies on a different date if we have a very high volume of registrations. 

How to register

The registration deadline for Virtual Ceremonies has now passed. We can no longer guarantee that you will be able to register, but if you have missed the deadline and would like to enquire about whether registration is possible, please email

Please read our terms and conditions before you register

By registering to attend you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. 


The ceremony will include speeches from senior members of university staff and a moment of recognition for each student, with your name read out and your screen visible on the main ceremony feed.

You will join the ceremony via a Zoom meeting where you will be sorted into a breakout room. You will view the ceremony stream from within the breakout room and then your room with be shown on the live stream when your group’s names are read out.

Ceremonies will last around 25-35 minutes and will be live streamed so that your friends and family can watch and celebrate with you.

October Virtual Ceremonies

Watch one of October’s Virtual Ceremonies to see what will happen during the ceremony – keep a look out for some excellent home made hats and enthusiastic family members!

Joining and participating

If you have registered for a Virtual Ceremony, you will receive an email about a week before your ceremony with a link to confirm your name and email address. 

You will need to join the event 30 minutes ahead of your start time so that you can be assigned to the correct breakout room and briefed before the event starts.


We recommend that you watch the ceremony on a laptop or desktop, rather than a mobile phone, for the best view of the groups of graduates on screen. Find a quiet place, with good internet connection or WiFi signal, and if your connection drops out at any point don't worry, you will just need to click your personalised link in your email to re-join the ceremony.

Can I be in the same breakout room as my friends?

You will be in a breakout room with some of your course mates, but in order to balance the breakout room sizes we may not be able to fit your whole course in one breakout room and there may be people from other courses in the room. You will see all the rooms shown on the main stream so you will get the chance to see your friends in other breakout rooms on screen as their names are read out.

Watch live

The ceremony will be live streamed on the UWE Bristol website, so your friends and family will be able to watch virtually.

We recommend that the ceremony is watched on a laptop or desktop, rather than a mobile phone, for the best view of the groups of graduates on screen.

Do I need to wear academic dress?

You do not need to wear academic dress for your Virtual Ceremony, but we're encouraging everyone to get creative and make their own hat so that you can look the part on the day!

If you would like to hire official academic dress for the event this is possible but there is a cost which would be in addition to hiring robes for any postponed ceremony you wish to attend. If you would like to find out more about hiring robes for Virtual Ceremonies please contact

How will I get my certificate?

We don’t hand out certificates at our ceremonies, these will be sent to the home address on your student record. Please make sure that your home address is up to date in MyUWE.

Find out more about certificates for graduating students