Cyber Arcade

We have been working with the Games Technology students again and this year three teams have each created very different games that each address the key messages.

Arcade games

Slot Drop

Wreak havoc as mischievous USB sticks personified as some of the world's most notorious security issues in Slot Drop. Will you provide the PC with regular updates in a futile attempt to protect it or will you steal as much data as you can to become the fabled Titan USB and destroy it all? This is a fast paced, arena combat, drop-in drop-out, collaborative multi-player game.

VR Helpdesk

The setting is an IT Service Desk where it is your job to fix the laptops that appear to have been infected by various malware. But this is no ordinary IT Service Desk. This is VR Helpdesk. Go inside the laptop to discover the problem and use the fix-a-tron machine to make the laptops safe again using the safe USB sticks.

Cyber Academy

Pick up tips about how to stay safe online while you try to stop UWE Bristol being taken down by a rival university, in the quest adventure, Cyber Academy. This will be available to play online in due course.

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Cluwedo is a retro style board game, in which the players have to determine WHO is responsible for a cyber-attack at UWE Bristol, HOW the attack happened, and WHERE it took place. Play as Scarlet Fresher, or perhaps Vice Chancellor Brown. Learn about different types of cyber-attack whilst playing this classic format game. The Cluwedo board games will be found dotted around the university during Cyber Security Week, in eateries and cafes.

Can you get to the bottom of this cyber security mystery?

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