This information specifically relates to the full-time Occupational Therapy Degree programme. If you are supporting an Occupational Therapy Apprentice on the Apprenticeship programme please visit our Occupational Therapy Degree Apprenticeship information.

Curriculum 2021 for new first years

The Occupational Therapy programme was successfully reapproved by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) in 2021. As a result, first years starting in September 2021 will be on a new curriculum 2021 whilst our second and third years will continue on curriculum 2015. There have been some changes to placement procedures and paper work so do ensure you know which curriculum your student is on to ensure you use the correct paper work.

Placement dates

Placement recovery

We continue to work towards recovering placements lost due to coronavirus and are really grateful to our colleagues in practice for your on-going support and creativity in ensuring the next generation of occupational therapists get the practice placement experience they need in order to graduate. We continue to need to be creative and we are happy to speak to you to help generate creative solutions in increase capacity, so do please get in touch with us.

Academic year 2021/22

Occupational Therapy placement dates for all cohorts are below:

Please do mindful that our students are on different practice placements due to recovery placements as a result of the pandemic.

  • 27 September to 10 December 2021
    The 2019 cohort are on Occupational Therapy Practice 3 (OTP3) for 11 weeks.
  • 4 October to 10 December 2021
    The 2019 cohort are on recovery placement Occupational Therapy Practice 2 (OTP2) for ten weeks.
  • 17 January to 25 March 2022
    The 2020 cohort are on Occupational Therapy Practice 2 (OTP2) for ten weeks.
  • 10 May to 8 July 2022
    The 2021 cohort are on Occupational Therapy Practice 1 (OTP1) for nine weeks. This cohort will be on curriculum 2021 and following the new placement paperwork.
  • 6 June to 19 August 2022
  • The 2019 cohort are on Covid Recovery Occupational Therapy Practice 3 (OTP3) placement for 11 weeks.

Offering a placement

Claire Cresswell and/or Mandy Turner (job share) will contact your local placement coordinators regularly to request placement offers. Alternatively, if you are able to offer a placement for any of the dates listed above then please email Claire at and/or Mandy at

Practice documentation

Key documents

Curriculum 2015 (cohorts 2020 and 2019 - second and third years)

Templates and exemplars for 2015 curriculum

Curriculum 2021 (cohorts 2021 onwards)

Templates and exemplars for 2021 curriculum

Other information

Programme information

Placement liaison information

For effective communication and support, each placement area will have an allocated placement liaison link on the academic team. We aim to meet each placement area annually to discuss developments, placement-related information and review audit information.

All audits and placement environment profiles are online. If you have questions or issues to discuss, do contact your liaison link.

Placement liaison contacts are:

If you are unsure who the link person for your area is, please contact Karen Cook or Becky Barnes.

Programme support

If you have any queries or questions about the Occupational Therapy programme or require support, please contact a member of the programme support team.

Programme team

Becky Barnes

Karen Cook

Fiona Ingleby

Laura Quick

Lynda Hughes

Nadine McCootie

Vanessa Parmenter

Alice Hortop

Steve Evans

Placement team

Timothy Porter

Claire Cresswell

Mandy Turner

Supervision and assessment