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Peter McCallion



PhD Student

Commenced: PhD, October 2012, funded by a UWE studentship bursary
Thesis title:The development of methods for the reproduction in continuous tone of digitally printed colour artworks
Supervisory Team:Director of studies Steve Hoskins, Dr Carinna Parraman
peters blog: Print Peter

Peter re-joined the CFPR in October 2012 as a PhD researcher working on an investigation of digitally printed reproductions that replicate the creative methods of an artist.  Currently the reproduction of digitally printed works is divided between the onscreen (RGB) representation of colour and the colorimetric translation through an imaging pipeline to a printing device (CMYK).  As computational models for image analysis are beginning to exhaust the limits of imaging, the field of human based perceptual models is a growing field with a greater interest in the perceptual attributes of colour, tone and texture, specifically the three dimensional rendering of texture. 

This project will examine the transition from 2D to 3D by adjusting the topographical surface of the substrate by layering inks or viscous pigments to achieve changes in tonal quality through the development of a dynamic carriage head unit to sense the change in substrate’s landscape and printing on 3D objects with a varying surface with a non-standard size and form.  Peter will undertake an analysis of how vectors can be translated into 'G code' to drive the machine head on an XYZ CNC router as a platform for extruding or channelling alternative materials such as oil paints. 

By exploring, adapting and modifying current technologies this project will provide the opportunity to develop knowledge exchange between industry and artists.  

Peter is a graduate of the University of Ulster, where he was awarded a First Class Honours degree in Graphic Product and Interactive design (GPI) and a University Diploma in Industrial Studies where he was awarded a commendation.  

In 2008 Peter successfully completed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between UWE and Eurosigns (UK) Ltd (formerly Ringway Specialist Services). Eurosigns is the signage division of Eurovia UK and is one of the largest signage companies in the UK.  As part of the KTP, his role was to successfully integrate a systematic design and wide format print workflow. He was responsible for the design, implementation and delivery of a staff-training programme in industry best practices in design and print.

Additional outcomes from the KTP in which Peter was instrumental, include the layout and LEAN workflow of a wide format print and finishing department and increasing the company’s ability in the design and production of conformable graphics for 3D objects such as vehicles.  

In 2009 he assisted in the instruction of the CPD course on inkjet printing on different surfaces. He was a technical demonstrator for CFPR in large format print and cut techniques at the Impact Conference at UWE. Peter has over 12 years experience working extensively as a creative graphic designer and large format print developer. His portfolio covers all aspects of graphic design from print, web, video and 3D visualisation.


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