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Artist Applications for Colour Construction in Multi-Channel Inkjet Printing

Author: Olen, M.
Name of conference: Institute of Physics IOP Printing and Graphics Science Group Annual Student Conference
Place: Institute of Physics, 6 Portland Place, London,
Date: Thursday, 6 December 2012
Paper Presented by: Olen, M.
URL Links: https://www.eventsforce.net/iop


The focus of this research is the reproduction characteristics of multi-channel colour printing. The fine art market has an understood expectation of high quality prints with particular consideration to the appearance of continuous tone, increased gamut, and reproducible colour.

While aqueous inkjet technology has advanced for applications in the fine art market, there are still significant opportunities for investigation regarding the expansion of achievable colour gamuts. The research will investigate multi-channel inkjet printing methods that derive from the standard scientific models set forth in colour management modules, and incorporate artist colour mixing approaches particular to traditional print processes.

Even with the inclusion of additional colours to the ink sets of digital printers, it is still not certain that the reproducible inkjet gamuts and palettes meet the requirements of photographers and artists. An important line of inquiry into this question starts with current print drivers and colour management modules, specifically in terms of whether or not they actually limit a printer’s reproducible colour gamut.

These investigations will explore alternative approaches to standard print driver production and colour management workflow practices. Through qualitative and quantitative data gathering, This project aims to analyse the contributions of each ink colour to the printer’s overall gamut, and explore how alternative means of applying ink to paper can influence the reproducible gamut. A series of tests will be established to explore how altering the sequence of colour overlays through multi-pass printing effects colour in relation to gamut expansion.
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