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  insects au gratin

3D printing 'Insects au Gratin'

venue: Science gallery, dublin
dates: 10 feb - 6 april 2012
collaborators: susana soares, penelope kupfer, bridget nicholls, kenneth spears, peter walters & deborah southerland
above image: 'insects au gratin', science gallery, dublin, 2012

CFPR researcher Peter Walters helped to create Insects au Gratin, part of the Edible exhibition exploring the future of food at Dublin’s Science Gallery (showing until 6 April 2012).

Insects au Gratin points to insects as a valuable source of protein and considers new ways that insects could be consumed by humans, asking the question “could eating insects be a potential solution to some of the worlds food problems?”

The exhibit brings together entomophagy – the consumption of insects - and new 3D printing technologies. Peter’s recent research into edible 3D printing provided the means to fabricate prototype foodstuffs which included flour made from insects combined with soft cheese.

Insects au Gratin was created by designer Susana Soares and Food Bioscientist Dr Kenneth Spears (London South Bank University), 3D printing specialist Dr Peter Walters (UWE CFPR), Pestival, and Penelope Kupfer (Steak Studio).

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Insects au Gratin at the Science Gallery:
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