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  CREATE light workshop, Bristol 2010

IS&T CGIV Conference 2012:

Dr. Carinna Parraman to chair the session: Colour in Print, Art, and Design

venue: Amsterdam, the netherlands
dates: 6-9 may 2012
paper submission deadline: 23 october 2011
above image: a CREATE colour and light workshop, bristol 2010

CFPR Deputy Director Dr. Carinna Parraman has been invited to chair a session on 'Colour in Print, Art, and Design' at the CGIV 2012. This is the Sixth European Conference on Colour in Graphics, Imaging, and Vision (CGIV), from the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T). This prestigious event provides a forum for leading colour scientists worldwide to share the latest research and innovations across a broad range of digital and analogue imaging disciplines.

Dr Carinna Parraman is an international authority on colour and is a committee member of the awards panel for the Colour Group Committee, the leading forum for research and scholarship in this field. She is co-ordinator of the recent EU Marie-Curie FP6 funded research project CREATE, which trained over 400 postgraduate students from over 30 countries in the field of colour research (www.uwe.ac.uk/sca/research/create).

CGIV covers a wide range of topics related to colour and visual information, including colour science, computational colour, colour in computer graphics, colour reproduction, colour vision/psychophysics, colour image quality, colour image processing, and multispectral colour science.

Drawing papers from researchers, scientists, and engineers world-wide, CGIV offers attendees a unique experience to share with colleagues who work in industry and academia, and on national and international standards committees.

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