Department of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies

International Corpus Linguistics Research Unit (ICLRU)

The International Corpus Linguistics Research Unit, with its focus on the empirical investigation of linguistic data collected in naturalistic situations in the field, supports researchers working on a number of languages in a range of domains.

Closely allied to both the Bristol Centre for Linguistics and the Centre for Intercultural Communication, the ICLRU is engaged in:

  1. the development and archiving of corpus material in both English and a number of other languages
  2. supporting empirical corpus-based methodologies
  3. seminars which show-case corpus-based research
  4. workshops on the use of corpus tools

Corpus material gathered by researchers attached to the Unit includes:

  1. the Bristol Corpus of Learner Language, coordinated by Jeanine Treffers-Daller
  2. Parallel (translation) corpora (zip file)
  3. the Beeching/Bristol corpus of spontaneous spoken French
  4. The KEMPE Corpus of Early Modern Plays (Lene Petersen)

Much of the work of researchers allied to the Unit is devoted to the study of language variation and change, language acquisition, intercultural communication, metaphor, stylometry and translation.