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There are a number of viewing options available for our web pages. These may be selected from the 'Display options' link at the top of the page.

Access keys

Given the current lack of consistent browser support, potential interference with browser and assistive technology functionality, and a lack of a widely implemented and workable standard, the University has decided not to implement accesskeys on this website.

More information about accessibility issues of access keys:

Access keys, Limited pratical value

Using Accesskeys - Is it worth it

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You can either use the link located at the foot of the page, or if you are using a modern browser, when you print out the page it will not include the main links and and sidebars.

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This site will work well in any modern standards compliant web browser. Latest versions of commonly used browsers may be downloaded from:

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Please use the Contact Us page which gives you a range of options for contacting the University.

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Please use the form located on the Contact Us page

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