Management Accounts

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Management Accounts (MA) sits at the heart of UWE’s financial operations and works with the key decision makers to ensure that the financial challenges faced by the university are understood and translated into sustainable financial results.  MA has a number of responsibilities, including the following:

         Setting budgets for all parts of the organisation for both revenue and capital activities, monitoring performance against these targets, investigating variances and agreeing with accountable officers financial forecasts for their operations and projects

         Reporting financial performance to all faculties and services and upwards to the senior leadership team, Finance Committee and Board of Governors

         Acting as Business Partners through supporting and challenging budget holders and other staff to improve financial management at UWE, interpreting and applying the Financial Regulations, providing formal and ad hoc training to improve financial skills and use of systems

         Providing input to business cases and investment proposals, from small scale projects to the UWE Masterplan

         Working with internal and external auditors to assess the standards of business conduct and governance at UWE

         Agreeing and tracking efficiency savings as part of UWE’s Value for Money strategy

         Conduct strategic financial planning into the medium and long term, building models that enable scenario modelling

         Work closely with colleagues in other services so as to produce consolidated key performance information (KPIs) for monitoring and planning purposes and as part of internal and external benchmarking

         Ensure post-contract award research activities are monitored and accounted for according to applicable requirements

         Meeting the reporting and forecasting requirements of the funding bodies and the sector regulator, HEFCE and ensuring financial activities are accounted for in a technically correct manner


All parts of UWE have dedicated management accounting support. Contact list.  There are two teams working in support of either Faculties or Services, central operations and capital projects. 

Text Box: Services and Capital Team Leader Michael Barrow (ext. 82843)

Text Box: Faculties Team Leader (acting)
Helen Fanouraki (ext. 82815)






Access to Financial Information

Every month, Budget Holders for operational areas, research projects and capital projects receive automated summary financial reports from Agresso for their cost centres, plus links to be able to drill down to detailed information on Web Agresso. Understanding and getting the most out of this information is vital to meet your responsibilities as a Budget Holder. Please use the following link to take you to guidance and User Instructions plus an online training video to help you to interpret your monthly cost centre statements and navigate Web Agresso.  Please note that the video has audio narration so you will need to turn on the speaker on your pc or use headphones: Accessing your Financial Information 

Miscellaneous Payments

Miscellaneous Payment Form MP1


All non-recurring and capital investments that exceed 30k require a business case in line with Financial Policy 10 within UWE’s Financial Policies and Procedures.  This business case is known as a “FIN10” and should be completed so that the proposal is reviewed and sanctioned at the appropriate level in UWE according to the organisation’s Limits of Authority.  This applies in all cases including those where a Faculty or Service is seeking permission to spend existing budget or project funding.  The EFIN10 system can be accessed via the following link and there is full user guidance to complete a proposal: