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Find your friends service
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University updates Use of library facilities (including guest access to e-journals and magazines)

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We're creating a directory of alumni websites. If you're doing something creative or if you've started your own business, let us know if you'd like us to link to your site so people can see what you're up to! No social networking sites please.

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Support UWE

There are many ways to get involved with YOUR University, please tick if you would be interested in any of the following (and somebody will be in touch shortly):

Supporting the Career Development of UWE students through:

Career Mentoring: are you able to spare some time to share your professional experience and expertise with a student?
Sharing your ‘career story’ so far: through the profile questionnaire
Contributing to events: such as facilitating a stand at Careers Fairs, speaking at the DEA Lecture Series, sitting on a judging panel at degree shows
Offer hints and tips for getting into the sector in which you work: through mynetwork
Running skills workshops: such as “How to perform well at interview” and “What to expect at an Assessment Centre”

Offering opportunities to UWE students through:

Graduate Recruitment: by advertising vacancies through UWE infoHub, and/or visiting campus
Internships: either as part of a UWE funded internship scheme or fully funded by the employer (Usually around 8-10 weeks for both undergraduates and graduates)
Placements: this could involve 12-month industrial placements as part of a sandwich course, or shorter placements linked to a module (i.e. 6-weeks)
Work Experience: a short unpaid opportunity linked to student’s career interests, longer periods of work experience are subject to National Minimum Wage legislation and should be paid
Work Shadowing: a short (usually 1-2 week) unpaid opportunity for students to gain insight into an organisation and a particular role

Providing curriculum support to UWE students by:

Helping to assess presentations/posters: to provide constructive feedback to students on performance and ability to meet assessment criteria in conjunction with academic staff
Advising on curriculum content: to offer industry specific advice
Contributing to a debate/panel event: on a topical issue/concept that will allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum.
Joining an employer panel: to come together with other industry experts and offer constructive feedback on the design and structure of specific programmes
Hosting field trips/visits: will allow students to gain specialist knowledge linked to your organisation and apply this to the curriculum
Providing case studies on your organisation: will give students ‘real world’ examples and material to learn from
Pitching/Dragon’s Den events: to provide constructive feedback to students on performance and ability to meet assessment criteria in conjunction with academic staff.  Usually in the context of a business idea
Guest speaking/lecturing: to support students understanding of a particular topic and to enhance learning
Providing live tasks/projects for students: as part of a community project, a consultancy task or as part of an assessment
Work Shadowing: a short (usually 1-2 week) unpaid opportunity for students to gain insight into an organisation and a particular role

You may also be interested in:

Offering sponsorship or donation(s) to support UWE i.e. through competitions, awards, prizes
Remembering UWE in your Will

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