Tu Cam Thi Dinh

Tu Cam Thi Dinh

When Tu won a scholarship to do an MSc in Business and Information Systems, it meant leaving Vietnam for the first time. Now home again, she’s putting what she learnt to maximum advantage.

A helping hand

"I have been working for the Vietnamese Government since 2005, and in 2008, I won a scholarship from them to go and study in the UK. The government is committed to the development of its employees and each year they encourage staff to apply to study postgraduate programmes abroad. I was very lucky as only five people were chosen from 60 applicants to receive English language training before I left vietnam. The quality of education in the UK is well known, and a friend from Vietnam was already studying at UWE just before me, so I was excited about the opportunity.

Seeing snow for the first time

My friend helped me find somewhere to stay and settle in and it wasn't long before I made lots of new friends from all over the world. I really enjoyed my time in Bristol, especially the different scenery, the culture and the English weather! It's so beautiful in the summer, with lots of different plants everywhere. And I saw snow falling for the first time in my life, an experience I'll never forget. I would love to return at some point.

Adjusting to life back in Vietnam

At first, it seemed strange coming back to Vietnam, as the countries have such different cultures. But my time in England really boosted my confidence, which has helped me secure a good job here, working as an IT specialist in the Planning and Investment Division of the Department of Information and Communications for the Vietnamese Government. My role involves evaluating IT projects, organising and running events linked to these projects, and helping to write IT policies. I also have to build relationships and negotiate with foreign investors to attract new sources of funding.

A bright future

I've been fortunate, and my current job means I have the chance to work hard, further my career and earn good money. Of course, my time at UWE has helped with that. I developed my English speaking skills, and gained lots of technical expertise, which helps me make important technical decisions at work.

In Vietnam, the challenges I face as part of my job are quite different to the ones on my course. But I can apply the skills and experience I gained at UWE to help me overcome them. And in the future, I plan to do a PhD to improve my knowledge in IT project management even more. Hopefully I can return to the UK to do this."

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