Stuart Bullen

Stuart Bullen

Stuart graduated with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design in 2004. After trying his hand at the technique during his time at UWE, Stuart enrolled on a short course to learn the basics of compositing. Seven years on, hes creating the on-screen visual effects that enchant film and TV audiences around the world.

A new direction

In search of a break into the film industry, Stuart took a temporary job as a runner for a film company; "I was earning very small wage and paying more to get to work every day than I earned. Three months on, I completely ran out of money." On the verge of giving upand taking an office job, he got the break he'd been waiting for - a six month compositor role for a TV company in Manchester.

Making the impossible possible

Stuart then joined London's Moving Picture Company as a Roto Prep Artist. "This role involved removing objects like coffee cups left in shots or the wires that suspend actors in the air to make shots perfect."

"I was particularly proud to work on projects like X-men, Harry Potter 5 and The Da Vinci Code." He was also part of the team working on a cutting-edge £1 million Sony advertising campaign which used 70,000 litres of paint and 1,700 detonators to redecorate Glasgow's Toryglen housing estate.

From 2007, Stuart spent two years focusing on polishing his skills and raising his profile within the industry, using the communication skills he honed during his time at UWE in his client relationships. This saw him rise through the ranks, eventually securing his current role of Senior Visual Effects Compositor at BaseBlack in London.

Making magic happen

"The sole goal" he says "is to make your work believable and fool the audience into believing that what they see is real." His latest work transforming J.K. Rowling's ideas into a reality aimed to do just that. "I was able to conjure up concepts for how certain wizardry spells will look in the next Harry Potter film. This is the kind of work I love, and it's fantastic knowing that I'll be putting a personal stamp on a film that will be watched by millions of people around the world."

The big screen and the red carpet

Stuart Bullen

"I think my proudest achievements so far have been going to the Bafta's for my work on Quantum of Solace, and seeing my name in the credits for the first time in a cinema." On a personal level, he says, "the most satisfying thing is knowing I'm 100% happy in my career and can make a living by entertaining global audiences." Since we created this profile, Stuart has also picked up a Bafta on behalf of Bluebolt for their visual effects work on the film 'Great Expectations' (pictured right).

Stuart has gone on to work as an on-set Visual Effects Supervisor; a job which has enabled him to travel around the world. He has worked in Malta on the HBO show A Game of Thrones, and will soon be filming in South Africa "At the moment I am prepping for being an on-set vfx supervisor of the up coming film 'long walk to freedom' about the life of nelson mandela. I will therefore be supervising all the on-set shooting of the visual effects shots in South Africa for the next 3 months. This is going to be a fantastic project about an iconic man told from his own autobiography." Stuart has also worked on 'The Iron Lady' and 'You Want Me To Kill Him', and was the lead artist on 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.

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